Roles of Caregivers to Medication Adherence

There has been a continuous struggle to increase oral medication adherence among patients. One of the key players in this scenario is the caregiver. The interventions by caregivers for medication compliance are directly related to the medication’s success rate. Regardless of the patient’s age, the caregiver’s efficiency and the tools s/he uses are crucial for the efficacy of any prescription drug.

The Roles of Caregivers

Medication adherence isn’t just about the medication bottle. Caregivers take the central part in promoting adherence. This includes explaining the benefits and risks of the medication and why compliance is essential.

Pill tracking is an excellent start on a day-to-day basis. Caregivers spend a great deal of time assisting and interacting with the patient. With this, they are also responsible for the weekly pill organizer or monthly pill organizer of the patient they are caring for.

Hourbands can make the caregivers job simpler!

According to statistics, about 20% of caregivers allot 40 hours of weekly care to their patient. Meanwhile, about 50% provide a minimum of 8 hours a week.

Of all people, it is the caregiver who is in the ideal position to influence medication adherence. From maintaining pill bottles to ensuring that the patient doses the medication on time, caregivers are the stewards of adherence.

Getting the right tools

Healthcare professionals can start with choosing the best pill organizer.  Hourbands are simple and very easy to implement. They easily attach to the pill container in an hourly or 7-day pill organizer format.

Hourbands is a medication organizer that patients of all ages can use. It’s a visual reminder and marker to let the patient know if it’s time to take the day’s pill.

Hourband is also very affordable. Caregivers and patients who are facing the escalating cost of healthcare will find Hourbands as a very cost-efficient tool to medication adherence.

A pill organizer will prevent noncompliance and over-adherence. Sure, caregivers can find other pill organizers on the market, , but nothing compares to the simplicity and affordability of Hourbands. As an added bonus, it’s non-tech, which  84% of patients prefer.

This tool has been proven to increase medication adherence by at least 5%.


The interventions for medication compliance should always be founded on proper education. Caregivers are the front liners when it comes to adherence, so it’s vital that learning starts with them. This way, both healthcare providers and patients will benefit from reduced costs and faster recovery. Even with a simple tool like Hourbands, this is highly achievable.

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