It is important to take our medication on time, every time. The failure to take our prescribed medications to the right dosage amount can result in poor outcomes in our health.

The New England Healthcare Institute (NEHI), a prominent national health policy institute, conducted an in-depth study on medication adherence and the effects on our country. The Institute found that hospitalization rates were “significantly higher for patients with low medication adherence” especially those with high cholesterol, congestive heart failure, hypertension, and diabetes.

NEHI concluded that medication nonadherence is a $290 billion problem annually in the United States. The Institute found that “among diabetes patients, the one-year risk of hospitalization was 13 percent for patients with high adherence and 30 percent with low adherence.” This was similar to numerous other disease states in patients that have low adherence. In many cases, hospitalization rates are doubled for those who do not take their medication as prescribed.

To avoid serious illness and poor outcomes to your health from forgetting medication, we invented Hourbands. 


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