How Hourbands Revolutionizes Medication Adherence

Medical adherence is one of the growing concerns in the medical community. According to the World Health Organization, 125,000 people die annually due to medical noncompliance. The simple manner of remembering to take medication is one of the seen culprits together with lack of funds to sustain the expenses. With HourBands, knowing how to improve medication adherence will be one less burden.

Simple tools for complicated problems

Instead of using techie medication adherence tools, HourBands cuts the barrier for digital immigrants. Using a simple yet effective silicone band, users only need to rotate the band once they’ve taken their dose.

It lets users see if they took the day’s pill and when they need to administer the next dose. . This reduces the risk of overdosing and failing to adhere to the prescribed medication.

Importance of medication adherence

Dosage and timing are two of the most important aspects of medication adherence. This is specifically why Hourbands were created.

Trusted by many pharmacists, HourBands is more than just about taking a pill. Its function transcends to your speed of recovery, health condition, and preventing tolerance.

Why HourBands is the perfect tool

Around 84% of patients prefer non-tech solutions that will help them take their medicine at the right time. And with their increasing medical bills, an affordable yet effective solution is heaven-sent. This is where HourBands become indispensable.

HourBands can increase medication adherence by 50%. It’s also easy to implement plus the band adds visibility to the pill container. This simple medication therapy management won’t just benefit the patient but also healthcare providers as they recoup their operation cost.

Why Choose HourBands?

Wondering why you should HourBands? Here are some of the guaranteed benefits that you’ll enjoy:


Instead of marking the calendar every day, you can now remember taking your pill by adjusting the band. Take  a pill and rotate the band to your next intake schedule. No need to rack your mind if you’ve already taken your day’s dose.


Starting at $4.99, you will have a medication adherence tool that’s effective, easy to use, and long-lasting. HourBands knows that maintaining a prescription is already costly. The solution to your medication adherence shouldn’t break your bank.


Who would have thought that complicated problems can be solved using simple solutions? HourBands is a simple yet a breakthrough solution that cuts the learning curve. Even the elderlies will find it a breeze to use. HourBands are available in daily and hourly formats to suit your intake schedule.


HourBands is proven to improve medication adherence by at least 5%. This is more than any other adherence tools can yield. For such a small price, HourBands can aid you toward faster recovery.


Be it young or senior patients, HourBands is a universal solution. It’s easy to use and it fits all standard pill containers. Regardless of your intake frequency, HourBands will work for you. Knowing how to improve medication adherence is now easier than ever.

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