Hourbands and Aging – How it Helps Seniors

Proper medication management remains to be a big challenge for the health industry. The cost of the ongoing medication and declining cognitive functions are some of the cited reasons behind medication noncompliance. It’s not enough that have a pill bottle; dosage tracking is another necessity.

A pill organizer may help, but it’s not as effective for everyone. Pill bottles alone don’t work they need something that will remind the patient when and if s/he has already taken the day’s dose. In this situation, Hourbands becomes an ideal solution.

Improving Patient Health

Hourbands work as a pill bottle organizer and a medication reminder. Its rotating band lets the patient remember if he or she has already taken the day’s medication. Also, it allows the patient to set the next intake schedule.

The simple act of taking medication on time has a massive effect on the patient’s recovery speed and medication efficiency. Both of which are crucial for senior patients, much so for those with long-term medication needs.

Patine’s Want Easy-To-Use Solutions

Be it a weekly pill organizer or a monthly pill organizer, it’s always essential that older patients find it easy to use.

According to the Pharmacy Times, regimen complexity and cognitive decline are two of the most prominent reasons for nonadherence among elderly patients. Therefore a pill organizer or adherence tools like Hourbands need to be simple but useful.

With this, Hourbands is made with a straightforward construction that will allow older patients and caregivers to use it with ease.

Non-tech Solution

Hourbands attaches to the pill container without any complicated mechanical function. It is non-tech, so everyone will find it easy to use. Patients can use it as a 7-day pill organizer or in a per-hour format.

Like the best pill organizer, Hourbands increases seniors’ medical adherence by at least 50%. Also, it helps healthcare providers improve their ROI while promoting better adherence practices.

Affordability Is A Priority

You are challenged to find another pill organizer that’s as affordable as Hourbands. For as low as $4.99, a patient can have an Hourband to attach to his or her medication bottle.

This low price is a significant relief among older patients who are already shouldering the escalating cost of healthcare.

Visibility is the Key

Have you heard of the saying “out of sight, out of mind”? This is very true when it comes to medication management among seniors.   Without a visual reminder, patients will likely miss their scheduled dosage.

Hourband is a visible reminder for all senior patients about their medication. If paired with proper care and monitoring, noncompliance should be less of an issue among older patients.


Elderly medication management can be more comfortable with the use of modern tools. Hourbands is a simple yet proven tool that will revolutionize medication adherence for a meager cost. It’s an effective solution for all patients across ages.

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