In the United States, approximately 2.5 million people die annually. Of those 2.5 million, 125,000 people die from something called medication nonadherence. Medication nonadherence is not taking medication as directed. If you divide those numbers, we found that 5% of our population dies from not taking their medication. This astounding revelation is eye-opening because people are dying simply from not taking their medication properly.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported the leading causes of death in the United States ranking the top 10.  Heart disease, cancer, diabetes, stroke, influenza and pneumonia, and nephritis are in the top 10 list for the number of deaths. The problem with their list is that they neglected to mention that medication nonadherence is a shocking killer in the United States because it has estimated to have killed 125,000 people annually.

The New England Healthcare Institue found that poor medication adherence and chronic disease are linked. The results they found was the increase of inconsistency on a monthly period of taking their prescribed medication when being diagnosed with a chronic disease. The leading causes of death overwhelm the top 10 list of chronic diseases. Nevertheless, the chronic conditions can be treated with taking their medication properly. 

Therefore, Hourbands was founded with the intention to help show people when to take their medication properly. This simple medication reminder can be the solution to improve medication adherence and to decrease the number of deaths by chronic diseases.

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