Common Causes of Medication Non-Adherence Among Seniors

Medication adherence is a continuous problem as we grow older. According to the Pharmacy Times, many seniors find medication adherence difficult, more so for multiple prescriptions. With almost 20% of community-dwelling seniors taking more than 10 medications, adherence becomes a big challenge. Increasing medication compliance can be an uphill battle that many medical professionals are continuously attempting to address.

Common Causes of Non-Adherence Among Seniors

Clinicians have identified the following reasons why many senior patients fail to comply with their prescriptions:

– Ongoing cost of medication

One of the main barriers to medication adherence is the ongoing cost of the prescription. It’s a burden, more so for uninsured and marginally uninsured elderlies. In fact, about 2 million Medicare beneficiaries in the United States cite cost as the reason for their failure to adhere to their prescribed medication.

– The complexity of the medication

Many senior patients fail to take their medication due to the complex nature of dosing. Instead of convenient dosing formulations and once-daily dosage, some medications may need more than once a day. With multiple medications, it can become confusing. This leads for many to opt for dose “self-adjustment”, one of the common types of nonadherence.

Worrisome Side Effect

Many older patients tend to worry about the potential side effects of their medication. This makes them hesitant to start the medication process. Some would skip doses to avoid the side effects they are worried about leading medication discontinuation.


Many people irrespective of age, forget to take their medication. They get busy or are preoccupied and simply do not remember if they already took the day’s dose or not. This will lead the patient to skip doses or over take to many doses in an attempt to compensate for the times they failed to take their pill.

How HourBands Can Help

HourBands is a simple yet efficient medication adherence tool that will help the seniors follow their prescription. This an affordable solution for older patients who forget to take their medicine on time.

With a silicone band construction, the patient simple rotates the band once he or she takes the current dose. HourBands is available in both hourly and daily formats to suit different intake frequency.

HourBands can help increase medication adherence by up to 5%. Since this is a non-tech tool, the seniors will quicky learn its function. There are sizes to accommodate various sized prescription containers.  Because Hourbands are also affordable, the patient can have one for each prescription bottle in their protocol.

Medical professionals can help the seniors comply with their medication by implementing the use of HourBands. For just $4.99, each patient can have one to use wherever they are.

Giving someone a hourband can be a great way to show patients that you care.  Sharing Hourbands with patients is a simple gesture that can make a big difference in their health.

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