About Us

Corporate mission

At HourBands, we only have one mission: to help each patient to take their medicine on time.

Corporate vision

We are a solutions company and aspire to become one of the leading medicine adherence companies in the nation. HourBands envision a world where more patients will not forget to take their medicine. We know that improved medication adherence leads to better health outcomes including improved longevity.

Over time, we aim to deliver more solutions to improve the adherence of medicine across the world.

No more forgotten pill. No more second-guessing. Beginning with our first generation product, HourBands, the future of medicine adherence just got better.

Our commitment to you

Many of our team members take daily medicines so we know that it’s important for you to take your medicine on time. Medicine adherence allows faster recovery, less complication, and reduced chances of antibiotic resistance. We commit to you:

  • to help you improved your health through medication compliance
  • to create solutions to make it easier for each patient’s in taking medications
  • that your safety is of our upmost concern, so we ensure that each of our HourBands is made with safe and high-quality materials
  • to create products that are affordable to most everyone including Medicare, Medicaid, and retirees on limited incomes

For such a low price of $5, you can have a tool that will keep you in-line with your meds’ schedule. Just open the container, take your pill, and then move the tab on the next day. Five minutes or five hours later if you can’t remember if you took your medicine, you can look at the bottle and it will remind me when your next dose is/was a duel.