Tips to Take Your Medicine on Time

Medicine Intake Time Tips

Hourbands Corp Medicine Intake Time Tips

Do you have a bad case of forgetfulness? If you often can’t remember to take your medicine at the right time you are not alone. Even people with good memories often are on “auto-pilot” when it comes to taking pills and the activities of the day may become a blur. With many medications, there may be no immediate consequences of missing a dose. Other conditions, however, require strict adherence, as is the case with HIV, where missing doses may lead to viral and may ensue drug-resistant strains of the virus to emerge (Alice and Friedland 1998). Numerous other conditions remain stable only if the amount of medication in circulation in your bloodstream be at a certain level. To best manage your medical condition, you will want to do everything you can to try to remember to take your medications on time. Here we present some tips to make sure you take your medications as prescribed by your doctor:

Some tips on your Medicine Intake

1. Take Your medications at the same time each day

By taking your medication at the same time or in conjunction with a routine, such as eating breakfast, it becomes a habit and you are less likely to miss a dose. According to science, it takes 21 days to form a habit. Forming a habit includes repeating the same task every day at the same time.

2. Use a pillbox or HourBand (

There are easy low-tech strategies to help you remember to take your medications. You can use put your medication in a weekly pillbox that has a compartment for each day. You can use an hourband, a circular silicon band that goes around your medicine’s container. It has a movable tab that has a daily or hourly marker. Once you take your meds, you move the tab onto the next scheduled time or day. Five minutes or five hours later if you can’t remember if you took the medicine you look at the container and can see when you are to take the next dose. In this way, you’ll know if you have already taken the day’s dosage or not and when to next take it.
This is just a simple tool but it makes a lot of difference, especially for the elders. It’s one way on how to recover from an illness quickly.

3. Make use of technology

If you’re smartphone savvy or generally plugged-in to technology there are applications such as Medisafe which is a free application for iOS and Android that can be downloaded. You can also set up an email or text alert to remind you when it’s time or have or set an alarm on your mobile phone’s alarm app.

4. Place your meds on an easy-to-see spot

It’s always easier to remember a certain thing if you see clues of it. If you’re at home, place your meds on the countertop or beside the television or where you can easily see it.
Remember, It’s important to form a good habit of taking your medications on time. These tips should help you remember.